What Are The Must Have Features Of An About Us Page?


All kinds of companies? right from small scale businesses to large scales have realized the importance of having a web presence. Web presence means not just having your company listed in relevant industry website directories or classifieds alone but it is having a separate web page or website for it, and this web site or web page must be well established enough to make internet users aware that if they are looking for a product or service in the industry where the company is offering them, they need to look up to the company’s website for them.

There are many ways to create the above awareness like through internet marketing, digital branding, social media marketing and such, however all of these will lead to the website and first thing users will check is the About Us page to know about the company or business.

The must have features of an About US page are these
– It should provide the complete history of the company, when it was founded, how it was started
– It should discuss the success stories of the company
– It should also provide some info the latest venture the business is into
– It should also discuss on the various products and services the company is offering at present.