Practical Tips for Creating Cool WordPress Websites


Web technologies are a boon for the web designers and developers, making drag and drop website creation, availability of ready-made plugins and codes, with which any new feature can be added to the website. As an advancement to web 2.0, came many web technology versions. And all of it had one common thing which was the WordPress CMS. WordPress Content Management Systems made it easier for Web masters to manage multiple sites with less time and effort. There are several WordPress themes and templates including high end premium themes are available for free in the Internet. Here are some

Practical Tips for Creating Cool WordPress Website,

  • Even by learning few basics of HTML, create the layout of your WordPress site, which is nothing but the CSS? Cascading Style Sheet.
  • List down the various functions and features you would like to have for your site, Create function codes or get functions codes from web for all of it.
  • In the CSS which would be the main sheet, call the functions one by one which you want to execute sequentially
  • Most of the addon features such as Sliders, Light box, widget addition can also obtained using plug-ins and add ons.
  • Else you could also download a free template similar to your expectation and modify it according to your needs.