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Advantages with premium magento templates


To start an ecommerce start up requires so much of hard work and complex decision making ability and above all a perseverance to keep driving the concept forward. Whenever internet users access an online shop the hard work behind establishing and running it may not be evident.If you are looking to begin your online business such as setting your own online store in order to materialize your idea you will have to start from some point initially.

For most of the online business owners it comes with a business plan and then having a domain and hosting the site, however there is one more aspect that can give enough confidence to give wings to the idea and that is using an appropriate ecommerce platform where you can install a design or template of the store and begin from there.

Magento is ecommerce software that is available for free downloading and is a popular platform to use for ecommerce sites. After installing the magento platform, the relevant theme from magento templates according to your online shop’s products can be installed. The templates are classified based on the category products sold in the store for which it can be used such as Auto, Education, Food, Travel, Electronics etc.

With leading template stores where magento themes and templates can be bought offer a feature to see a preview of the template through a demo option. This can let the template buyer know the impact of the design for their store. Not just that the details of the template are also provided along with the demo option. The details shall include the specifications such as the system requirements for the template to install and work the list of features that can be customized, no. of columns of layout and many more information of that sort.

Some of the advantages with premium magento templates are
– Highly customizable
– Search Engine Optimization friendly with in built SEO features
– One click additional feature enable/disable option
– Fluid and responsive layout design
– Feature to integrate with Paypal and such online merchandizing services
– Easy creation of categories and sub categories for better product showcasing
– Compatible with almost all most used browsers
– Fast loading of pages
– Various Add-ons available that can be easily integrated for more features
– Newsletters, coupons and easy product catalog creation

In case if you are unsure of what template to choose for your store you can get the help and guidance of customer support executives of these theme stores to decide the most suitable template for your online business.


Magento themes based on store type


The key driving force in establishing an ecommerce business is decided based on the niche of products sold, budget to set up the store and how successfully the shop is marketed during the initial launch.

These steps are initial involved in building and launching the store, then there should be provisions for expansion and growth of the store, for that the right ecommerce software must be used.

Magento is popular ecommerce software that provides the platform required for setting up an ecommerce store over the web. It is one of the few ecommerce platforms that comes with a wide range of magento templates to choose the right design for the site and also offers enough flexibility to customize and use based on the niche of products sold in the shop or for the type of business it is being used.

It has got all the required features and also offers enough scope for adding more features through add-ons and plug ins to configure and expand it in future as the online business grows and to meet the users demands for hassle free online shopping experience.

As Magneto is open source software, some of its themes are free and are a good choice to begin with your online shop with a little budget too. Based on the kind of store you are setting up, you need to use the relevant premium magneto templates like few examples suggested below,

  • Pet store ? For Pets products
  • Vita shop ? For Medicinal store and Health products
  • Apparel store ? For Apparels and footwears

There are sites where Magento templates can be bought and in these sites as the templates are categorized based on the niche such as food, textile or fashion, automobile, electronics and the sort of, for whichever niche they require a template or design, buyers can navigate through them and cans elect the suitable template they want for their ecommerce site.

Another advantage is that there is a free demo option to view the design fully so that the look and feel of the template even before they can be bought and used can be known and based on that the most suitable theme can be bought.

There is also an option to know the details of the design where the details such as design version, upgrades available, system requirements for using the theme, browser compatibility, and various other additional features that are unique to the theme can be found.