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Most popular ecommerce platforms for online business


In case if you are new to online business and if you are wondering how to begin your online shop or ecommerce business, then you need to begin it by opting out for ecommerce solutions that are available free on the web. There could be multiple thoughts and ideas about your dream online store, hence to have scope for expansion should be available when you begin with your initial idea.

The best ecommerce solution for that would be to have shopping software for which several additional features offered that ca be opted based on the future business needs. Soon after registering your domain for an online store, and then hosting it, next comes installing a content management system and software to set up your online store.

Prestashop is one such software exclusively for shopping cart and as this is an open source platform available for download for free for anyone, there are a lot of prestashop templates and add-ons available for it for free too. Also, an open source platform gives opportunity for techies such as web designers and web developers and other web geeks to explore it and come up with their own ideas and interests in expanding its scope of use.

Prestashop is one of the most popular ecommerce platforms for online business. And there would a release of new theme and template once in a while. Individuals setting up their online store will have to analyze and explore various prestashop templates to conclude on which template will be the most suitable one for their business niche and products sold.

So to begin with people should sign up with Prestashop and download their software which is free, they need to download the template which they feel would suit their online business store. Then after installing the software they will be able to visualize the Prestashop dashboard popularly called as Back office? where they can see the analytics data on the visitors, sales volume, orders, active shopping carts and many more such sales data.

Furthermore, they will have to install the design and template and create product categories and subcategories. Then, based on the additional features they look for they need to install the add-ons available for it. Having premium prestashop templates offers a wide range of features inbuilt to have a complete online store right from displaying products, to adding them to cart, checking out and then paying through online merchandising services.


Essential Tips For Optimizing Your E-Commerce Website


Two things that drive the online market are the E-commerce websites and Merchandizing services such as pay pal, payoneer and the like. As businesses spend so much of money, effort and time in getting a good e-commerce site, if the website is not optimized well for good User Interface and User experience, then the whole effort of having an e-commerce website goes in vain.

Here are 5 essential tips for E-commerce website, web masters and web designers for optimizing their e-commerce websites,

  • The website should use the latest responsive layout web design for better user navigation and attention grabbing and categorize products accordingly and searching within site should be easier.
  • Use high quality images with file formats and extensions that will hold less memory space, this increases speed of page load and website performance.
  • Best merchant services integration, using Verisign and SSL certificates and 3 tier login for secured transactions for better reputation with Search engines and users.
  • Ensure using relevant SEO keywords for the products and services you offer and these should go into meta tags and product meta description
  • Create your own product description for unique content; get your product reviewed by leading reviewers and get good ratings from rating websites.