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Web Design Versus Web Development


Web Design versus Web Development is a popular discussion running in the minds of most of the newbies to web designing and Internet users who look forward to start own their first website.

Web designing as the name suggests is about the look and feel of a website where the entire effort of the Web Designer is concentrated upon towards making a good presentation of a website to its end user.

Henceforth, it focuses on using best layout dimensions, colors and graphics to each of the Web Pages designed so that website’s content or information is made readable and can be easily navigated through and we can call it as the front end focused operation in creation of a website.

Now, on the other hand, Web Development as the name stands for is all about enabling the features needed to be presented in the front end through coding, scripting or programming languages and for these necessary applications needed for the programs to be developed and run has to be installed in the web hosting server which runs in the back end when a website is operated.